Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Productive day

This morning I got to the pool at seven. Later than normal, but I’m still not back to full strength after covid
I was doing two hours one day and not able to get up the next two! 
So easing back in seemed the better option 

I was out and at the shopping centre a little after eight 
I did a quick shop, basically I went to get the Harry Potter folder for all the collectables.
Went into Kmart to get hubby a few new clothes and I bought some canvases for art 

Then back home to get stuck into todays agenda. 

I bought this the other day and thought I’d give it a go 

Your supposed to soak these in warm water until they swelled up. 
Took ages and ages 

I had to heat up the water a couple of times! 
I then planted the seeds into each one I’ve got one container for each vegetable 

There’s tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum, cucumbers and yellow button squash. 

I had purchased a mini green house just for this purpose and today I took it out of the 
Box and set it up.  Im hoping the concrete floor and the side of the house will keep it warm 
We are having beautiful sunny days. So fingers crossed. 

I also planted seeds into traditional seed mix 
There are zucchini, and tomatoes in these. So many tomatoes 
I wanted to use up all the diggers seeds from last year 

Hopefully I’ll get lots of tomatoes to eat and process. The semi dried tomatoes I made last summer are almost all gone and 
Everyone loved them 

And I’ve put them to bed, snug as a bug in a rug. 
Whatever that means lol 
All I can do now is wait and hope 

It was a beautiful sunny day and it was lovely to be able to get out there and get my hands dirty 
I even was able to wash all my bedding and line dry it 
It smells amazing. Full of the promise of summer 

How are your garden stories progressing? 


  1. I am still at the thinking stage although I did buy some seeds from Bunnings. Need tomatoes but I have beans and peas and carrots and radishes. Now I just need to plant them!

    1. If mine all take I’ll have plenty. I can. Pass some on to you

  2. I'm pulling up dried brown plants. It's not worth watering them anymore. Market tomatoes are just fine.
    Your prep looks great. Good luck

    1. Your markets would have lovely fresh and local produce. So absolutely it would be perfectly ok.

  3. Good luck with your garden! Here in Canada, we are eating the fresh produce from ours, although some things still have some more growing to do.

    1. Hopefully it’s growing well. We usually can get a great harvest of winter vegetables here. But this year it’s been so cold the garden hasn’t been as productive. So we are hoping for a better summer harvest

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better! No garden for me, but some flowers, shrubs, and a Colocasia (Elephants' Ears) that I planted this year because I loved them when I was a boy. In case you haven't noticed, I started a second blog, this one about cats.

    1. Oh no I hadn’t. I’ll check it out.

    2. "I’ll check it out."

      Whoopee! I've only done one post, and it's the only fiction I've ever written.