Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Change in plans

The plan was I’d swim have coffee with the girls. 
Come home change and go out for the morning with the knit ladies 

All this rain has not been good on pain levels and sleep patterns 
So even Though woke up normal time lack of sleep suggested it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive. It was also raining very heavily 

So instead I decided to clean and do all the jobs that I’ve been putting off 

I’ve semi organised the spare room.  Cleaned bathroom and toilet 
And the big job was cleaning the oven 

In between all that I worked on this 
It’s taken 21/2 days working on it off and on 
And I’m pretty confident it’s done. But who knows I might decide to play with it a little more lol 

There are floods around us but thankfully we are ok 
I was worried about the chickens. We had so much water there was nowhere for it to go. 
But we had built up the chicken run and the section next to it for the fruit trees   They are wet but not flooded so that’s great 

The new girls have settled in nicely 
Now for this weather to start improving and hopefully we will start egg production 


  1. Your oven is sparkling clean. I'm not sure ours was that clean even when we got it. Good job. And the painting looks so Greek! Lovely

  2. What a shame you missed the outing but your body will thank you. I am about to put my oven through a self cleaning cycle. Better get a move on as I need to be somewhere at midday!

  3. I never learn to knit.
    Coffee is on and stay safe