Friday, August 12, 2022

A long post

On Monday I went into cranbourne to do a shop around the Centre. 
As always I went into the reject shop to stock up on cleaning supplies but I 
Like to go down all isles in case I miss a bargain 

I saw these asparagus crowns. There were five 
I grabbed three. Stupid really. The rule is if there is six or less you take them all
But I’m not versed in growing asparagus so I plead ignorance 

I came home and watched a YouTube by a lovey man who lives in Queensland 
Explaining all about planting and harvesting asparagus 

I learnt that they grow deep. And that it takes three years to first harvest 
Man I should of grabbed the other two I thought. 
Also the idea of planting into an old bath tub was shelved. 

Hubby said he would build me a special raised bed just for the asparagus 

So off we went to bunnings and looked at raised beds. 
Nope. They weren’t high enough and he said if he was going to spend that money he’d rather build
It properly and out of timber. 

I also looked for asparagus in their plants Centre and they only had three left. So I took those 
I now have six to plant 

The top ones are from the reject shop
The bottom from bunnings 

Timber was delivered about ten minutes after we left the garden supply 

Hubby and Terry, our adopted son, have been busy building the garden for two days 

Me. Well I have bursitis in my right shoulder. 
So today I had a scan to confirm diagnosis, and got a shot of cortisol 
I was under strict orders to not lift my arm up higher than my chest. 
So I’ve been painting 
I started yesterday and finished it today. 

The shot had a local anesthetiser in-the shot.  
But it’s now stating to wear off and I can feel my arm starting to ache. 
I was warned. 

But before it got bad I finished my first Monet 

This one really challenged me. 
I didn’t have the same colours as the tutorial 
And I didn’t have the correct brushes. But I made do

After I was such a good girl at the doctors hubby took me to office works where I added to my supply of colours and more brushes 

I did have fun and it really makes you get into the zone and not think about the pain in your body 

So I’m going to relax the rest of today 
Because I want to be able to go to art class tomorrow 


  1. I need to get mine building my garden bed. Not as fancy as yours, though. Enjoy those new paints. You've earned them!

  2. Good luck with the asparagus. You will certainly need some patience waiting for that to be ready for harvesting. It will be sooo worth it I'm sure

  3. Good luck with that asparsgus - lots of sand. We planted our in soil too heavy for it and it was a complete write-off.

    1. The areas around us is full of asparagus farms. And we have sandy soil so it makes sense
      Thanks for the advice

  4. Look like your enjoying painting.
    Coffee is on and stay safe