Monday, August 1, 2022


Yesterday we actually got to go back into the city. It’s been over two years. The last time was the day before lockdown 

We started the day by getting driven into town by Dianne’s hubby. He dropped us off at Federation Square 

We had a lovely breakfast by the river and then walked around just being happy to be back. 

There was a craft market, and we spent some time looking at all the amazing things people had made 

We then had a quick drink and Young and Jackson’s in the famous Chloe bar. 

Chloe is the lady in the painting and she’s been hanging in the bar for over one hundred years I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life and never seen her. So that was lovely to finally say I’ve seen her 

The reason for our day in Melbourne was this show 
9 to 5. 
It was a lovely show full of singing and dancing 
A cast of local and international talent 
Would recommend 

After the show we headed to our favourite bar. Madam Brussels 

Dianne and I had mulled wine which was served in a tea pot with adorable vintage tea cups 

It was so yummy and warming, we ate in the middle of a Melbourne winter, we had a second helping 

We even had some scones with jam and cream 
We spent a few hours here laughing and enjoying the view of the city  we were outside on a roof top 

Eventually we went off to have some dinner and then headed home 
There are works going on the rail system so getting home was an adventure on its own 
We had to take one train to Caulfield, change trains and get one to pakenham then get off at Weststall and get in a bus to take us the rest of the way 

But we finally made it to Cranbourne station where Dianne got picked up by her hubby and Claire and I got a lift home by Anne’s lovely daughter 

A big day but one full of laughs 

It was decided that we would all sleep in today and give swimming a miss 

I’m a little tired. And by the end of the day I was very sore. But I wouldn’t of missed it for the world. 

Already we are planning our next big day out. 


  1. What a wonderful day. I, too, love Madam Brussels. It has an interesting history. The original Mme Brussels kept the good folk of the Victorian parliament happy, shall we say.
    You deserve a day of rest.

    1. I didn’t know that. I should Google it’s history. I do know there are new owners as it nearly closed down during the extensive lockdowns.

  2. Being out can be tiring.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. What fun. A wonderful day. So glad you enjoyed it so much. A visit to the big city is something I would love to do. Culture, shows, exhibits, good food.. Hope you can do it again soon