Wednesday, August 24, 2022


My first magnolia flower. 
I’ve had this tree for about five years now. And it’s never flowered. And one year I thought I had lost it 
But I’ve keep babying it and look! 
Isn’t it beautiful 

The daffodils are coming alive these ones in the pot 

And these ones in the ground. 
Once again I thought they were gone for sure with all the water we have had.
But life finds a way 

The Camellia is flowering. And the others are about to burst into bloom 

And hubby has started to move the boundary around the veggie garden area 
We I’ll put plastic down and mulch it  giving me more room for the blue wicking beds 

Hopefully we will get these up soon and then 
I’ll be able to grow lots of tomatoes in them. Leaving the raised beds for cucumbers, beetroots, and squashes 

So much potential and fingerscrossed so much produce 
To have and to share with my children 

Now if only this cold and wet weather will go away! 


  1. Is that a port wine magnolia? It's beautiful. Your vege garden is the stuff of my dreams.

    1. I think it is but I seriously can’t remember. It’s been that long.

  2. Your magnolia flower has such a deep rich colour….and by the look of it there are more to come!

    1. Yes I can see at least one more about to bloom

  3. The daffodils and the magnolia are so vibrant. Beautiful.
    And such and organised vege garden. Well worth the effort

  4. We got a break from the heat.
    Coffee is on and stay safe