Thursday, August 18, 2022

Good day. Bad day

Yesterday the day was fairly dry here. 
I had a night were I did get some sleep, the wee small hours of the morning, 
So I decided I’d get out early. Hit the shops and restock my bulk buy items. 

First I got to the market and got a big bag of greens for the chickens. 

Then to aldi to buy dog food, milk in UHT cartons coffee pods and 
Whatever else I saw and needed. 
I got a new stand to hang washing on with coat hangers. 

Then to the main shopping centre to pick up a few things from 
The reject shop. 

My poor little car was full to the brim and even though I had rung hubby to come and help me unload it all
The damage had been done 
But I kept going 

After putting it all away 
I went to knitting group, which was a rest for me 
Came home out dinner in the oven at three, a slow cooked lamb roast 

And even though I had cleaned the bathroom I needed to get in and scrub the combined bath shower 

That did it. 
By the time I got to the bottom of the bath my body was screaming 
So I finished up quickly. Rinsed it off showered and got dressed 
I’d definitely missed spots. So when hubby got home he finished it off 
Before showering himself 

So no sleep last night 
Listening to the wind and rain and stressing about the livestock 
Means I once again slept only a few hours, in the early hours of this morning 

I didn’t get up in time to swim 
I’m hobbling around with my cane 
So I’ll be here resting as much as I can, in preparation for tomorrow 

I hope where ever you are, your comfortable 
With just the right amount of heat, and rain if you need it 


  1. Oh Angela it must be awful for someone who sounds as motivated as you to be struck down for being so active. I get why you tackle so much on tge good days, but its a vicious up and down journey isn't it!

  2. Oh yes. I feel so good I forget I pay for everything I do.
    And it’s also why I’ve always had plenty of reserve in the pantry.
    It’s just how it’s been for so long now I don’t think about it.

  3. There's always so much to do to keep a house running. Then you have the garden, farm and animals, swimming, hobbies. It must be hard to relax. You need a few stormy days again 😅

    1. We are having them right now.
      I’ve been resting today, and working on my mosaic blanket.
      I just can’t sit and do nothing at all