Sunday, August 28, 2022


I went to feed the chickens and collect eggs. The covered kitty litter trays I bought  were too small for my big girls.  I honestly did not realise just how big they were going to get 

So before going to the shops, I decided  to check out what I had in our hay shed 
I found this huge litter tray. I suspect it’s the one I used with my cats when they were only indoor cats 

It cleaned up beautifully.  I took off the flap and added some hay 

Happy to report the chooks approved. Three eggs were collected today 

The water system was not working. The containers constantly went green and needed to be filled constantly because of being tipped over 

I did some research and ordered these little red water feeders 
Once again I found the bucket in the hay shed and cleaned it up.  
Hubby installed the drinkers and it’s now in the coop 

The bucket holds heaps of water. Being square harder  to knock over and the chickens instantly investigated and started drinking the fresh clean water. Success!
A much better system, especially for the hot summer months. I can add ice to it to keep it cool 

Yesterday hubby wormed and cleaned the hoofs of the sheep 
Nothing like a mani pedi to make you feel good lol 

And finally we have some babies! 
We had a setback when a huge gust of wind took the hothouse and blew it across the back yard. Scattering the little pods 

I collect them all and now don’t know what is what. Pretty confident I can pick the tomatoes which is all I really need to do. They will go into the wicking beds. 

This is why you always over sow. There are always setbacks and mini disasters 

Getting organised for spring slowly 
Now if only it will stop raining enough to dry out the ground so we can weed without pulling up half the top soil 


  1. I really enjoy reading about your ‘farmer’s wife’ life. After a few down years this is going to be the start of many good ones - don’t overdo it though.
    And put in a word to the BOM would you please about wanting clear skies to definitely arrive by the end of September…..just in time for us when we get home😊
    Take care

    1. Forgot to mention - pop over and see what I found for you in my last blog post

  2. We like your nest boxes idea. Good thing your chooks do too.

    1. Three more eggs today. They are very good girls

  3. Work on the phone never ends. But more than worth all that effort

    1. It’s not really work. It’s just what you have to do.
      Although now we are getting on in years. It’s a tad harder to get it all done as quick as we used too

  4. I know what you do with your steers. What do you do with the sheep? I am still waiting for my seeds to sprout. Getting grumpy now!

    1. We were supposed to do the same with then but they have all been born lived full lives and died of natural causes lol they help keep the grass down basically

  5. Iced drinks? Mani-pedis? You're running a spa!

  6. I love fresh farm eggs
    Coffee is on and stay safe