Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday progress report

While I was at art class hubby finished filling the raised garden bed and planted the 
Asparagus crowns. He went to the reject shop and the two I had left were still there 
So he grabbed those as well. 

Can you see that timber sitting at right angles?  
Well I “suggested “ he build me a small and slightly lower garden bed in the front for some herbs 
So he has now gone to bunnings to purchase more screws lol 

Last night I added the final touches to my Monet!
I think it’s brightened it up and brought it to life 

And this is what we finished in class today 
Seriously you need soneone to tell you to leave it alone now. 
Maree and I kept going back and adding touches here and there lol 

We are having so much fun. Too much I can’t believe we are learning so much 
But here we are.  Two “masterpieces” down 
Who knows how many more lol 


  1. My mother was a painter and she the hardest thing was knowing when to stop. You are a natural. I love that sky.

    1. Thank you. It’s a bit addictive and it’s never good enough for us lol

  2. I love your paintings. Those and your crochet.

    1. The mosaic crochet is just making pictures with yarn.
      I guess it all fits somehow