Sunday, August 14, 2022

Simple Sunday

Hubby worked into the dark to finish the smaller garden bed 

He’d done an awesome job. 
I had planned a trip to bunnings for herbs but the day is dreary and miserable 
So I’ve stayed home because of immense pain 

I’m waiting on the breeder who I purchased our chickens from to arrive 
She is bringing me two hens, one to swap for the extra rooster and one I’m buying so 
That one chicken being introduced into the flock won’t be attacked.  Two will stick together 
And hopefully the pecking order will be sorted quickly without bloodshed 

Until then I’m sitting in front of the fire working on the next part of the blanket 

The shoulder is doing ok. 
But I still can’t move it much. Hopefully it will come good in the pool tomorrow 
This weather really isn’t helping much at all 
So over it all 
Bring on spring 


  1. This weather is the pits. Aldi will have asparagus on Saturday. And rhubarb and shallots if you're interested.

    1. We have filled it with asparagus now I think. But I’ve never grown rhubarb. Might give them a go

  2. The rug is growing at an amazing rate. Good luck with that asparagus. What herbs ar you going to grow? (Tigger suggests catmint.)

    1. Not sure. I use basil and parsley so maybe more of those
      I think fennel is a must. I’ll just see when I get there

  3. Hope the chickens all take a liking to the newbies. And hope your shoulder is better!

    1. I’m sure they will work it out.
      They usually do. Shoulder got a workout at the pool this morning feeling a little sore now