Friday, August 26, 2022


Today I’ve been using up what’s in my fridge, pantry and garden 
I made these tiriopita, three cheese pies, using the eggs my girls have laid during the week 

The pastry is bought puff pasty that I always keep in the freezer. 
Just because I can make pastry, if I have too, doesn’t mean I have to every time. 
Short cuts are allowed and I buy the puff pasty when it’s on special. 

Here they are just out of the oven. They smell yummy 

I’ve been having IBS issues again the last two days so I’m off the pastry and wheat 
Sp I’m making myself some yummy soup 

Once again if cheated and used bought broth 
But all the veggies are fresh from my garden 

There’s leek, silverbeet, kale, celery leaves and I’ve even harvested a few of the purple cabbage leaves 

This shouldn’t take long to cook and is perfect for a cold wet winters day lunch 

What’s cooking at your 


  1. We had Kale last night (August 24) for dinner.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I think kale gets a bad wrap. I really like it

  2. F has been making baked beans to try and use up our dry stores. I counted about 7 kinds of beans! Who needs so many? And she has chickpeas and about 4 kinds of lentils. And you know what beans do......

  3. The vegetables look so bright, so fresh. Mmm delicious soup!
    The best puff pastry is shop bought, I think. Its hard to make but so crunchy and tasty in a tiropitta. My home made pastry is much heavier. Pity you cant eat any

    1. Yes. I find it so light and fluffy.
      I was tempted. It’s smelled yummy

  4. Your pies look delicious - what a shame you can't eat them. I think a good bought stock/broth is fine, as is puff pastry. I make shortcrust pastry but would never try puff. All that rolling and rolling layer upon layer. Ah. Sarah Lee!

    1. They were great commercials lol
      I’ve even bought short crust in the past. It was really good too. Might have to stock up on that for dessert pies

  5. No pies in my house today - salad maybe…..although I do enjoy a freshly made bakery meat pie now and again
    And a big no to silverbeet and kale from me…..not my cup of tea at all😝