Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunny Sunday

Walking around my gardens and everything is sprouting new growth 

The fruit trees got pruned hard we have sacrificed this years fruit for stronger trees 

The new dwarf orchard is coming along nicely. 
We will definitely cover these. We think possums are getting over the fence to munch on the yummy leaves 

The chickens enjoying some free ranging and getting the grass down for us 

The roses have come back yet again. Hopefully by Melbourne cup weekend we have beautiful blooms 

My bulbs. The daffodils haven stopped flowering 
And now the tulips are taking their turn. 

So far today. One girl obviously thought Sunday was a no stress day lol 
There were a few girls in the nesting boxes so I’m sure I’ll get a couple more eggs today. They really are providing us with plenty of eggs 

There is so much happening in the garden 
So I’m sure you will get lots more pictures in the coming days 
What’s growing in your gardens?


  1. I love the different sized eggs. I keep dropping hints about chooks but I don't think I will win that particular battle. Nothing nicer than the smell of freshly mown grass on a spring day.

    1. With your dogs I don’t think chickens would be a good idea. But at least you now have a great veggie patch


    2. I don’t know why I comment as anonymous when using my phone and I can’t change it

  2. Have you got a bantam among your chickens?

  3. All that rain really greened up your garden. Bet the ladies are having a field day in that lush grass

    1. They had more fun finding all the frogs lol

  4. Lovely tulip.
    Coffee is on and stay safe