Sunday, July 18, 2021

Day 3 lockdown 5

Peppy lady mentioned she loved weather vanes so I told her I’d post a pic of the other one I had. 
This one has been up there for many years and I often will look at the lady flying around with her cat

There are so many different weather vanes around now they are a little addictive. 
I saw one with an old truck and thought that would be perfect to have over at the workshop lol 

So peppy lady. This pic is for you 

Yesterday afternoon 
One of our ewes had a lamb 
They usually deliver during the night so we don’t see the big reveal to the rest of the group 
But I did see her introducing her baby to the others. 
They all came running and the little baby wagged his tail and they all surrounded the mother and bubs and each one 
Touched their nose to the little one
It was quite touching to see 

I’ve tried to get a pic but right now it’s just not happening so if I get a good one I’ll post it 

The rain has stopped for now, but it’s really wet and muddy out there 

We have had more positive cases 
And lots of new exposure sites 
So lockdown being lifted on Tuesday is looking more and more unlikely 
But we live in hope 
See ya xx


  1. Thank you. I have a rain gauge and it dry as a bone.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. What a wonderful weather vane!
    Na sas zisei the new lamb. What joy