Tuesday, July 13, 2021

My life

Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter. Her girls were in day care
So it was just the two of us. 
This hasn’t happened since she was pregnant with her first baby so it was lovely to just spend the day 
And chat and laugh and not worry about looking after little girls. 
It was a special day for me 

My daughter in law takes her grandmother out one day a week and she comes and collects me as well 
This is also special and precious and such an honour to be included in her loving day for her Oma 

The down side is I always crash after a big day out 

I won’t stop going. I will not let my health issues rob me of special time spent
With the ones I love 
Especially after all the lockdowns, special time is precious and I will not miss a moment 

So today I had a sleep in 
I’ll go slow
And I will take care of my self 
Because I won’t lay down 
I won’t quit 
And I will get up again and go out with my family 
To laugh 
To enjoy 
And to make memories 

This is my personal battle 
And I’m determined to keep fighting it for as long as I can 

I hope you continue to fight and win your personal battles 
Stay safe 
See ya xx


  1. Your Daughter in Law sound lovely. I have two wonderful daughter in law.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. What a fantastic attitude. You go girl. You are also giving huge strength and good energy to all those around you.

  3. Life seems especially cruel when happy occasions are precursors to increased pain and therefore misery.

    "I hope you continue to fight and win your personal battles"

    I don't even know that "fight" means anymore, my options and optimism being long dead, leaving me down to ticking off the years before I can reasonably expect to die. On Monday came a second hernia surgery--oh the joy.