Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Well we are back to day one 
We are in lockdown for seven more days but at least today the rain has gone and we have sunshine 
Might be an omen, maybe it will only be seven more days 

I spent all day hand stitching the binding. It’s now finished and hanging with the other quilts 
It turned out nicely and will keep someone warm 
Probably me. I think I might end up putting it in the van but I’ll decide later. 

I went looking through my stash and found a bundle of lion king fat quarters 
So I think a simple square quilt would show off the pictures. 
It’s rather large so I think I might make two smaller quilts and then give them to charity 
For little boys 

It won’t take long to sew the tops up 
And I have a few other packs of the fat quarters with Disney characters 
I think lots of smaller quilts for charity might be what I’ll be making over the next few days 
I won’t be able to finish them as I don’t have backing fabrics 
But if I get the tops done that at least will keep me busy, and away from the kitchen! 

I need to lose the lockdown weight ive gained. I really don’t need to add to it 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. I see your keeping busy. This evening I organize some of my red fabrics.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Fat corners? Well, you know what you're talking about and the result will be amazing.
    Keep busy and away from the kitchen. Is that possible?

    1. Fat quarters. They’re pieces cut in approx 22inch x 18 inches
      According to Google. You buy them in singles or packs and are great for adding to your stash

  3. You made F go and sort her stash and she pulled out a bag of quilt samples she created years ago (more than my age and I'm ever so old). Now she's contemplating joining them together. I blame you for this new mess! 🙀 xxx Mr T

    1. Well tigger. Mess is best when it’s shared around lol
      Would love to see the outcome