Sunday, July 25, 2021

For me

Before  lockdown number  four I got to go to the quilt shop and I bought myself some stitcheries 
I love sitting and hand sewing and I especially love something not too complicated 

I then make a quilt or wall hanging with the finished pieces 
The problem is my hands are now not as strong and they ache, especially in horrid weather like we are having now 

So stitching the binding was always a painful experience 
But I saw these little clips in a couple of sewing tutorials on YouTube and thought they would
Be great for holding the binding then I just have to just sew and not have to hold the binding down the whole time 

They work a treat and make sewing a much more enjoyable and quicker experience

And here is the finished product 
I searched my scrap bag to make the wall hanging. 
The spot I have in mind isn’t very wide so I didn’t add any extra fabric to the sides 

Once lockdown is over, and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later, I’ll go back to the quilt shop and buy
A special wall hanger 

Sometimes it’s nice to make something just for me 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 


  1. My mom and I use to embroidery. I once made an Aunt of mine a set of dish towels, with days of week. Right now I been embroidery quilt blocks. I guess now here in United States they have what is called Slow Stiching.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. I noticed those clips and was going to ask. I use pins and am constsntly unwi ding the thread that gets caught around them. Maybe I'll give these a go. I'd seen them on one of those tutorials too and wondered. F

    1. I always end up stabbing myself so these are good for safety
      I got mine off Amazon as I was in lockdown at the time