Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Over the weekend my parents dropped off lemons, oranges and some mandarins 
From their trees 
The weekend before I received a heap of lemons from an aunt in coburg 

So I spent a day making marmalade 
I usually buy sugar with the pectin already in it 
But couldn’t find any so I added a couple of very green apples 

It’s not as firm as I’d like but I’m sure it takes ok 

I sent a heap of lemons and mandarins to the shed for the boys to eat and take home 
I’ve kept some lemons and oranges so I can make some cordial 

I love being gifted produce but seriously 
The amount has been staggering 
Got to love the abundance 

Stay safe 
See ya xx


  1. Great colour in that marmalade. Mr B made loads of marmalade here last winter to used up gifts of lemons. Now I'm having to think up marmalade cakes to use up the over supply of lemon marmalade!

    1. I told hubby to keep breqd at the workshop and they boys can all have hot toast with marmalade for morning tea. That should get rid of it eventually

  2. Ha ha. I know just how you feel. Abundance can be a nuisance but you've got to be grateful, and inventive. Are you going to make any limoncello? Mine is still steeping. It's too hot to bother making syrup but it's 'on the list'

    1. Ohhh forgot about that. I don’t know if I can get the resina here so I’ll have to Google some alternate