Saturday, July 3, 2021


My sister gave me some fabric and asked for some bowl warmers, she wanted them bigger than a bowl warmer because she wanted to 
Be able to put bread in them for the table. 
So I made them 15 inches instead of ten 

They should do the trick. Well I hope so. 
She also requested some coasters so I used the left overs and made her half a dozen simple ones 
To match 

She also gave me yarn to make baby blankets 
She has started fostering and got her first baby and decide she would like to give each one a blanket to go home with 
I make one for the current baby very quickly as we didn’t know how long she would be there. 
She is only doing short term emergency fostering

But I’ve working on the the rest 

This should be ok for a while 
I’ll keep making them from my stash and add to her stash as they go 

My parents popped in today and as they live close to her I sent the lot home with them 

The weather is cold, very cold 

This is the current temp and it’s four in the afternoon 

So I’ll be inside taking it easy 
Hope you have a lovely weekend 
See ya xx


  1. You've been a busy girl. I do love the idea of bowl warmers but alas I don't think we'd ever use them here.
    Lovely baby blankets too. Such a nice idea.
    And cold! Feels like 4.7. That's freezing

    1. The bowl cozy is used for when you microwave a bowl of soup. You put the bowl in it and the. When you pull it out of the microwave it stops you getting Burnt. You can also use them so your hands don’t get cold holding a bowl of ice cream but I’ve never held the bowl long enough for it to be a problem lol

  2. Cold here too Angela. It's 3 degrees here at 8.40pm but feels colder. Off to bed soon to snuggle with Poppyq.

  3. That's a fantastic thing your sister is doing and a great gift for each that you are making. You must be a machine at crochet. The colours are great too. It must be awful gor even a baby to go from pillar to post. How do they ever learn to bond and to trust? I send your sister enormous good wishes. F

    1. She gets them while the parents go through what ever they need to do to get them back. If they parents loose custody then they go to a permanent foster family. Hopefully she will go home

  4. Replies
    1. I’ve made a few. They’re great. There are heaps of videos of how to make them on you tube