Thursday, July 15, 2021

Groundhog Day

Victorians are now about to start lockdown number five 
It was only a few weeks ago we were let out of lockdown four 

So this time they are saying five days but as we are painfully aware it can be extended 
At a drop of a hat 

No one is happy 
There are grumbles everywhere 
But there is nothing we can do 
We must just get on with it and deal 

Hopefully after five days they start to ease up again 
Fingers crossed 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Funnily the Bill Murray movie has just done 3 closely spaced repeats on TV here. Something don't stand the test of time but it's still just as funny as the first time.
    Apparently in Israel now the government is starting to prepare the population to understand that COVID is something we will just have to live with. The initial disruption is really about no community immunity and the clog on health systems (and all the other illnesses and conditions that go untreated or get delayed) - I guess governments have to manage that.

  2. Oh hell. There you go again. Keep inside, keep safe blah blah blah. Hope it's over quickly.
    It's not fun anymore, never was, but now it's just tedious .

  3. People here are pretending that the pandemic is all over and so it's time to PARTY.