Sunday, July 11, 2021

And even more

I was reminded by a fellow blogger 

That I wanted to try and make some lemoncello 

I was going to go and buy some vodka but remembered I had a bottle of grappa someone
Had given me ages ago  

So I have used that to soak the lemon rinds in  it’s supposed to sit for three weeks 
So it’s been put away to do its thing and hopefully 
I’ll be able to make some lovely liquor to enjoy. 

I’ll let you know in another post if that works 

A swim friend suggested I make some lemon butter/ Curd 
So some of the skinned lemons were used to make this. 
It’s only three little jars but hubby had a taste test and said it was realllllly good 

I think I’ll get me a few more jars and make a second batch 
The a
Hardest part of making this is stirring for over ten minutes waiting for the mixture to cook and thicken 

I still had more lemons that I had skinned and more of the blood oranges 
So I made a big batch of orange/lemon cordial 

These are passata bottles  that I had washed and kept 
So two full bottles were made. They are in the drinks fridge 
To have once the weather warms up a tad 

So more of the produce has been used there is still a little left but honestly 
The amount now is negligible 
I’ll be able to use it in general cooking 

I do love abundance but seriously that was just way too much work 
I’m pooped! 

It’s cold again today 
The fog is thick 
So I think I’ll spend the day inside crocheting and bing watching something on the telly
Have a great day 
Stay safe 

See ya 


  1. It all looks divine. The colour of that cordial is amazing.

    1. The oranges were blood oranges. It gave it a lovely colour

  2. Your grappa I think would be the equivalent of our raki. I must do a taste test.
    Love, love lemon curd. So do the rest of the family so fortunately I can give it away and don't have to eat it all by myself 😉
    My daughter made a fantastic tourta/pie/ birthday cake with lemon curd. It was the very best!

    1. Ohhhh I’d love the recipe please. It will give me the excuse to make even more lol

  3. Never had lemon curd. It super hot here now. I only wish the weather wasn't so extreme.
    Coffee is on and stay safe