Thursday, July 22, 2021

Another day of crafting

This morning I woke up around seven again 
I wish I could sleep in that would make the days shorter but 
It just doesn’t happen 

So after doing the quick morning chores, like bed making 
I went into the craft room to see what I could get into today 

I did have a few patterns I had printed and some I had made via YouTube so I packed them into a binder 
And then I saw the bag with all the tea towels I have purchased during our trips around Australia 

I’ve already made one quilt using tea towels, and I have enough for another one 
So I’ve washed them and they are drying near the fire 

I’ll get onto that once they’re dry and ironed 

But today I think I’ll sit and stitch 
I’ve got my audiobook going 
I don’t have to think while doing the stitchery so I can concentrate on the story 

I just don’t know what people who don’t craft are doing to keep busy while in lockdown 
Binge watching Netflix I guess 
But I really need to keep my hands busy 
What are you up too? 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Non crafty people are a pain in the a### during lockdown. Facebook does help a little but they can't spend all day there.
    Loved your last t towel quilt. Bet this one will be lovely too. Enjoy your crafty days

    1. It really does help with the mental side of being in isolation
      Once you start hours just seem to pass without you realising it.
      I think everyone should start learning a craft for their mental health

  2. What a lovely idea for tea towels but you must have bought hundreds! 😂 I’m doing some crochet, killing my hand of course but I have to do something!

    1. Well not hundreds but a couple of dozen at least
      They’re large so you don’t need many to make a big quilt