Saturday, July 17, 2021

Day 2 lockdown 5

Remember my poor tree 
Well scrolling through my Facebook this weather vane popped up. 
Yup big brother is always listening 
It wasn’t expensive around $30. 

I thought that might look nice. 
So I ordered it. 
It was delivered 
I put it together 
And hubby installed it for me 

It’s a little hard to see as it’s so grey outside but I’m sure in the sunshine it will be better. 

If not I’ll paint it a different colour lol 
But for now that’s what has been installed to complete the project 

Who knows i might find something else and I’ll replace it 

As for the rest of today 
Well let’s just say I'm not in a hurry to do anything. Why should I. It’s not like I'm going anywhere or anyone is coming over 

Can’t even go for a walk as it’s raining 
Looks like another day relaxing in front of the telly 

Stay safe
See ya xx


  1. I think weather vanes are so cool looking. Maybe I should get one.

    1. Oh yes. I love them I even have a witch on a broomstick with her cat out there back. I’ll post about it maybe tomorrow just for you

  2. Love your weather vane. I've seen some real corkers over the years and that's right up there. I've never been a collector but when i make a forever home i might collect a few weather vanes from all the ideas I've stashed away. You've given me an idea. Enjoy relaxing.

    1. They are a tad addictive lol. I’ve seen others I wouldn’t mind having

  3. Delightful weather vane. Your wise owl looks right at home

    1. We do have owls in the neighbourhood
      Not that I see them much anymore I’m usually fast asleep these days
      But when I spent more time outside at night I’d see them all the time