Saturday, July 24, 2021

Getting ready

In a few weeks, assuming lockdown is over.  Our daughter in law is going back to work part time 
So I will have Anastasia one day a week to come and play 

Unfortunately Trixie loves her. Soooo much that I wouldn’t be able to lay her down to have some play time without 
Trixie wanting to play with her. So I ordered this play pen 
It comes with plastic balls which will be nice for Ana to throw out and have Trixie play with lol 
But she won’t be able to do that for a little while yet

Numbers are going up unfortunately, but hopefully they will steadily decline and then stop as the lockdown starts to work 
Not holding my breath though. 
We will deal with whatever comes 
We always do 

Stay safe 
See ya xx


  1. Bad news about the number of cases. They're going up here too but I don't think lockdown is on the cards in the middle of summer. Tourists dont seem to mind at all.
    Hope it won't be long before you can have Anastasia and hug all the grandchildren.

  2. This latest variant seems to be more easily and widely transmitted. I read in the news that some countries are preparing to adopt the view that this is just something the population will have to live with. The genie cannot be put back in the bottle. My own view is to be vaccinated to protect me, protect people who cannot be vaccinated, and to make no demands on an overworked health system, but it is personal choice (I'll fight for people's right to choose) and many prefer to choose the risk of the disease over the perceived risk of the vaccine. I just wish they would also choose to pay for private healthcare and let my tax dollar be spent on education or environment, rather than emergency healthcare for the 'unwilling to contribute to herd immunity' brigade. I really hope you get to spend those days with your grand-daughter as soon as possible. Looking at it from the other side, Grandmas are great and I got to spend whole weeks at a time with mine (both) when really young. F

  3. Vaccines are the key. Here in Australia our vaccination numbers are low
    Frustrating low. If more people would vaccinate then lockdowns would be less
    I think people are just living in the past. We can’t can live like we did. And yes they will be the first in line saying they want all the medical intervention if they get sick. Makes me so angry