Monday, July 19, 2021

Day 4 lockdown 5

A few weeks ago I was telling the swim girls that I was going to be looking after 
Anastasia one day a week while her mummy and daddy are at work 

They asked if I needed a stroller and I though that it would be nice to have one to go for walks 

So this stroller came to me 
First it was nana Sue’s 
Then nannie Dianne’s 
And now it’s mine 

It’s so cute 
But as ana will still be rather little when I first start to have her regularly I though she might like something suggly 
To sit in 

I remembered last year during lockdown I purchased some flannel fabric because it was cute 
I was going to make a blanket but she has so many of those I didn’t and it has been sitting waiting on the perfect project 

I didn’t have a pattern. I just did some measurements and kinda winged it. 
I did have mini heart attack when I saw I would have to make five holes for the straps 
But I kept measuring and cutting and hoping it would all work out 

Well it did. Yeahhhhh 
It’s not the prettiest thing on the market 
And I seriously don’t want anyone looking too closely to the stitching around those strap holes! 

But I’m sure Anastasia won’t mind at all 

Hood back down and ready to roll 

It only took a couple of hours and that’s with constant interruptions  for pats from the fur babies 

Now to do the boring stuff like washing 
Not rushing. I have all day 
And tomorrow 
And the way the numbers are going up 
Probably the rest of the week 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. That's looking great. 5 BIG buttonholes! I'd be beside myself, I so hate making buttonholes of any kind. In recent years I've adopted hammer-on press studs as often as I can get away with it - but that wouldn't have been any use for your project.

    1. Didn’t button hole. I just cut and stitched the best I could.
      Wayyyy easier lol

  2. That's wonderful. You, and Tiggers other half, are sewing wizards.
    Hope you're all safe and free and can enjoy a summer of strolling

    1. Fingers crossed but the signs are not looking good for an early release