Sunday, July 4, 2021


A lovely neighbour and customer of  ours made home made sausages 
And gave hubby some. He also gave him some of the left over mince and said. Just make some 
Well I decided I was going to make some sausage rolls 

I added some chopped up leek from my garden
Some kale, cabbage, carrot and beetroot from the refrigerator 

Some eggs to bind, no need for spices as he had already done that 
Defrosted sorry puff pastry sheets and 


Sausage rolls that smelled amazing 
And tasted even better 

I had two sheets of pastry left so I quickly broke up some feta, added eggs and got some 
Silverbeet from the garden that I chopped up finely and made a quick greek cheese and spinach pie 

Hubby them brought in more silverbeet, and leaves from beetroots and I’ve cooked them up 
To eat as a salad later 

So a big day of cooking 
Because a nice man kindly shared his abundance with us 

Might have to make him some thing nice for hubby to give him 
An apple pie perhaps? 

Stay safe
See ya xx


  1. That made good use of life's abundance. Your garden is producing well then? You remind me i phyllo defrosting in the fridge to make some kolokitha pites - they look a bit like your sausage rolls (but probably don't taste as good - i miss a good sausage roll.) Xxx F

  2. Oh those pies sound and look great. Kali orexi, or it's no doubt, Kali honepsi by now.
    That's the sort of neighbour to treasure. Bet he'd love an apple pie