Monday, August 8, 2022


This is teddy o the day I brought him home. 
His mummy and daddy belonged to some friends of mine. 
They had posted pics of the puppies and I would always be drawn to the black 
And white pups. There were only two 

Fast forward six weeks and My friend hosted a candle party. 

All puppies were in a big play pen   Everyone was around this pen they were adorable 
There were 11 puppies if I remember correctly 

One little black and white puppy kept followed me around the pen and trying to get me to notice him 

I honestly did not go to that party t get a puppy. 
But he was so insistent that Leanne said that this is definitely your pup 

So I came home with a new puppy. 
Hubby wasn’t surprise at all lol 

This is teddy now 
He is eleven years old today 
He’s getting on in years but he still loves to play with Trixie 
And snuggle with his mummy 

We have tried everything to get him to come inside, including sending him away for a weeks training 
But he always prefers to be outside 
He was supposed to be in inside therapy dog 

But he loves his life
He’s got a huge yard to run around in and an outside room that’s almost as good as inside
And he just loves everyone 

Happy birthday teddy. 


  1. What an adorable dog! Happy Bday, Teddy!

  2. Happy birthday Teddy. You knew who to pick, didn't you?!

  3. Happy Birthday Teddy (like your coat). Looks like you picked the right human to team up with. Wishing you more good years - chronia polla. paw smacks Mr T

  4. Happy Birthday to someone who looks like a bundle of love in a fluffy coat. Does his hair grow long or is he regular at the groomers.

    1. He gets regular grooming. He’s a big fluff ball

  5. What a lovely dog. Happy birthday and may he have a few more of them. Kronia Polla Teddy

  6. It been ages since I been to a home base party. Lovely little puppies.
    Coffee is on and stay safe