Sunday, December 11, 2022

A big big day

This morning we went off to Bunnings to get more veg seedlings 

I had fun buying all sorts of vegetables but also plants for out front. 

Once home the work began. 
I cleared all the overgrown, gone too seed plants out of the raised beds. 

I harvested what I could and the rest went as stock feed 

I decided to use the space between the trees here to grow corn,  two types of pumpkin, cantaloupe and watermelon. 

Even though we had heaps of rain the ground is hard and dry. 
The beauty and the curse of sandy soil. 

We planted it all out and while I got the sprinkler going hubby got the mulch 

Here I gave the babies some green. They didn’t know what it was but I’m hoping their curiosity will get them to taste it and they will love it 

Hubby using our tractor to bring the mulch from the huge pile we have 

It’s going to look good and the mulch will help keep the soil wet 

Meanwhile I processed all the silverbeet. Four bags in the freezer and I saved dons for spinach pie 

We have LOTS of eggs. So two spinach pies were made 
I only used half of that zucchini the other day so I julienned  the rest of it to add to the pie mix. Why wouldn’t you 

The beetroot is boiling away 
Once cooked I’ll let them cool. Skin then and add them to glass jars. I’ll then make up the pickling juice, top them up and seal them 

Pies in the oven 

Beetroot bubbling away. 
I feel like the witches in Macbeth  the stick pot is huge 

So now I wait for pies to cook and beetroot to cool. 
I might even do those much later today. My feel are killling me 

At least it’s sunny and I might even if got a slight tan!
One can only hope 


  1. Don't overdo it, Angela!! Those pies look deeelish. I have planted beetroot seeds and they have sprouted. My lettuce seeds didn't so I need some more. I envy you the space for corn and pumpkin and melons.

    1. We kept going all day.
      Got lots done. Unfortunately we have both overdone but that’s ok. We can look out at our work and feel much better

  2. You are a self sustaining machine… as well as talented artist! πŸ‘©‍🌾🎨

    1. Why thank you. It’s so much easier with the machinery hubby has.
      Gone are the days of wheelbarrows and shovels. Thank goodness

  3. Can't believe you had to use a sprinkler. Sandy soil. You live and learn. Hope everything grows like mad now

    1. The poor quality soil is why I started using raised garden beds.
      I did used to have a bit garden out back but I had to add heaps of organic matter to it just so it would hold moisture.
      I’m going to have to do the same to this patch now. It will slowly get better