Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Feeling poorly

Monday started as usual. Went swimming then home to get my days chores done and then to get stuck into
Unfortunately DIL got a call from daycare saying Anas temp had skyrocketed and could someone come get her. 
Her daddy went off to collect her and bring her to stay with grandma. 

She was very hot, but except for one eye looking a tad swollen. She was fine. 
Doctors prescribed drops and that was that. 

Nope it wasn’t. She was sick Monday night 
Screamed with pain for a few hours before falling asleep with her exhausted parents 

So back to grandmas yesterday and she really didn’t look good at all 
So grandma suggested another visit to the doctors to check ears and throat. 
Yup. Ear infection.  Sinus blocked and a very unwell little girl. 

All she wanted yesterday was cuddles   
So most of the day she just cuddled and slept in grandmas Arms. 

Until grandpa came home. Then I was dumped like a hot spud! 

So today her mummy is staying home with her
And if she’s still not well tomorrow her daddy will 
And regardless of how she is Friday she will be with grandma again 

Meanwhile grandma has woken up with a sore throat, blocked ears and a headache this morning 
So she is going to rest today and tomorrow so she’s all good to have Ana again Friday 

I Blame this silly weather 
Top of 15 degrees Celsius expected today with showers. 
At this rate we might just get a white Christmas,  it wouldn’t shock me at all 


  1. There are some nasty bugs around at the moment. Throw in allergies with all the pollens around and we are a sad and sorry lot. I hope you both pick up by Friday.

    1. It’s definitely dicey going out amongst people these days. You just don’t know what your picking up.

  2. Ear infection - she has the utmost sympathy from both F and Mr T (both some time sufferers). Poor wee mite.

    1. The poor little thing must of been in agony. It’s hard when they can’t tell us what’s wrong

  3. Oh the poor little poppet. Hope she and grandma are fine by Friday.

    1. Thank you. We are both on the mend. Angela