Friday, December 2, 2022


It was a very nice day today. So Anastasia and I spent heaps of time outside 

This cheeky little miss knows where the yummy strawberries are now and heads straight to them. 

We gathered a nice handful and she enjoyed eating every single one 

If you now try to give her store bought strawberries she will not have a bar of them. She points outside and says very clearly. Outside lol. 

I think you have to feed the bought ones first. Then the home grown ones 

We also picked the first zucchini of the season 
Very excited we were 

Now it’s December we started on putting up the tree. I’ll only do one this year so there won’t be lots of temptation and grandma constantly saying no don’t touch 

Not fair on either of us. 
Ana was very excited when I opened the box but the novelty wore off quickly. So I was left to finish the job myself while Ana ate watched telly or played 

Once Ana went home I added the lights 
I’ll finish tomorrow as I’m exhausted now 

I did put the wreath on the door. 

So the Christmas preparations have begun. They’ll be toned down this year since I started later. By the time I get them all up. It will be time to get them down. 

I’ll still do the table but I think that will be it. 

We will see 
Now it’s rest time 


  1. I tried Alice with a home grown strawberry - not impressed! Goody, more for Granny.

    1. You have no chance with Ana around. I need to teach her the concept of ripening
      And then of seasonal.

  2. It's interesting to follow your seasons, opposite from mine. I keep being surprised. Strawberries? Oh, right. Such a tiring day. Little kids are always "on".

  3. It's a big job, putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. I used to do it over three days -- (1) set it up; (2) put on lights; (3) decorate it.

    1. Hopefully I’ll get the decorations on today. It’s hard on the back for sure

  4. She's such a cutie! Very hugable lol
    Love your wreath. It's beautiful

    1. Thank you. It’s was just a cheap one and I bought the lights. Again cheap and hot gun glued them on.