Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goodby 2022

Sitting outside. There is a breeze blowing keeping me cool. 
There is the sound of the lawnmower and dogs barking. 
Distant traffic and birds singing. 

This has been a year full of new and exciting times
Learning new skills, and becoming more comfortable with who I am. 

We will have a quiet New Year’s Eve. 
A bbq. A few drinks and then probably in bed before the midnight hour. 
So I’ll say good bye to the year.  Thank you all for visiting my blog. 
Thank you for sharing your lives with us and I wish you all a happy, healthy and wonderful new year. 

Let’s hope we have lots of exciting things to post and many happy days to share. 


  1. A very happy New Year to you, Angela. I am so pleased we got to meet face to face!
    Here's to 2023 being a year of health and happiness xx

    1. So am I. It was one of the highlights of the year

  2. Happy New Year Angela to you and all your family. May 2023 bring you health and happiness

  3. Happy New Year -- here's to 2023 being a good year for all!