Monday, December 5, 2022


I have started a sock. 
I had to go to spotlight to get smaller needles but I was so busy checking the size of the needle I didn’t realise I only got ones that are 30 cm
So it’s a bit fiddly when knitting in the round. To counter this I have switch back to the bigger needles for the body of the sock. 
This means they’re going to be big socks. 
That’s ok. Hubby can have them. 
Or I’ll just do one to practice and go back to the store and get the smaller, but longer round needles. 

Meanwhile. Trying to knit socks in the round does need lots of practice well 
I need the practice. So I’ll keep going. 
If you hear rumbling it will probably be me swearing when I get to the heel part 

Send lots of thoughts and prayers for me. 


  1. Well done you. What pattern are you using? What yarn? The longer cable will make it much easier. What size needle are you using? I might have one spare. When you get to the heel just follow the pattern and breathe! Or yell and I will pop over.

    1. I’m just doing a plane sock. That is the practice piece and I’ve started on the real sock I’ve ordered more needles from Amazon and they should get here tomorrow. But I might yell out for the heel. Thanks

  2. Well Angela - if you can have a go so should I! Same questions as Caro…pattern, yarn, needle size. Perhaps this could be my ‘try a new thing each year’ thing for 2023?

  3. Clever you. Have never tried knitting socks. Do you use magic loop or just the circular needles?

  4. I do a lot of sock knitting and I've tried and abandoned circulars. I think I'm just used to dpns, so they're my go to. Good luck with yours. Nice self patterning yarn.