Wednesday, December 7, 2022


The little babies have graduated into the bigger cage 
This is the bigger half of the cat enclosure 

We blocked it off so they can’t get into the second enclosure 
They have plenty  of room In here 

Big chickens have had some bread for breakfast. 
I’ll go back this afternoon and feed them some mixed grains 

Two of the girls were missing. 
They were both in the hen  house 
This is the larger  of the two nesting boxes 
The lid was easy to take off and this hen is so chilled she doesn’t even mind me putting my hand under her to feel for eggs 

The other one was occupied by a grumpy girl. Who started to make angry clucking noises so I left her alone. 
I’m ok as long as the girls are happy and quiet. But if they make panic noises Pendles the rooster comes running. And he is so big I get a little anxious 

And finally a sock update. I managed to work out the life line section. This will later be the place for the afterthought heel 
I still have the lifeline to separate the two socks and second heel. 

I haven’t read further, it confuses me and I get overwhelmed, but I assume the separation is where you do the toes. But I’ll worry about that later 

Right now it’s lovely out. Sheets are on the  line. But under the back veranda. More rain is predicted for this afternoon 

I think it’s time for a second cup of coffee 


  1. I think just following the sock journey and not worrying about what's next is a good plan. I found that once I'd done it once it became very clear.

    1. So are it’s all making sense to me. So that’s good
      Hopefully the rest will make sense too and I won’t have to cuss and swear too much

  2. Of course you don't start with a simple straightforward sock, do you? It is looking good.

  3. Yes, they are good size chicken.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Happy too. Always run when they see me coming

  4. Next year I promise….when I get the urge I’ll act😊

    1. And I’m going to try and make a child’s jumper.

  5. I think I'll stick to my elves hats and Xmas stockings made on 2 needles at the moment.
    Just keep on following the pattern. All will become clear..... I usually find, but then I'm not knitting socks

    1. So far it’s just knitting one long piece. I think when I get to the heels it will get fiddly. But I plan to watch a few YouTube before I attempt them

  6. Is that a bare foot in the corner of the photo?! Your chook hasn't gone clucky has she? Trying to incubate the eggs she is sitting on?

  7. That is a bare foot. Mine lol
    No i don’t think so. She lets me take the eggs. When they were clucky. They didn’t like me taking any