Saturday, December 17, 2022

Todays agenda

Brought in veggies that were ready for harvest 
We will have some zucchini and squash for our  dinner tonight 

The rest I’ll cut up and freeze 

The rest of the beetroot was pulled out 

And the last of the onions 

I sliced up all the onions and I’ve put five baggies in the freezer for stews and soup 

The rest went into the pot with the beetroot to make  relish 

My food processor died so I had to grate all the beetroot by hand. What a job. So I grated as much of each bulb I could , the little bits left over were thrown in a pot with the smallest tenderest leaves to be eaten cold like a salad 

I ended up with these jars and a tad left over to have with our roast lamb tonight 

A grand morning’s work I think 
The rain has gone for now and we have a slightly chilly wind. So bed stripped and hung out to dry

They should be ready to bring in and make the bed

But I’ll leave them a while longer to be sure. While I enjoy a lovely cup of coffee. 

Enjoy the rest of your day 


  1. How do you freeze zucchini? I don't think I can give my son any more!

    1. I just chop it up and freeze it. Then I take it and use it in the slow cooker.
      You can grate it as well and freeze it. Use in soups and stews.

  2. I made beetroot chutney a few weeks ago but just cut it into small cubes, along with a couple of apples. Sometimes mine turns out really tasty. This lot is a bit lacklustre. I should just follow the recipe instead of eyeballing and subbing.
    Hope yours is terrific

    1. I had 2/4 of an apple and I used that. Plus I added some of the zucchini. I had some with the roast, it tasted really nice

    2. That was supposed to be 3/4

  3. I just finished up some lovely pickled olives and now maybe I'll pickle something else in the brine. Beets, hm? I only like them pickled, so that's an idea. Thanks!

    1. I’ve yet to do olives. Maybe one day.
      Cabbage in brine is yummy.