Monday, December 19, 2022

Big job

Over the weekend hubby tackled the front garden. 
Will all that rain it had grown like a jungle and it’s way too long a garden bed to weed by hand when it’s that bad. 

So he hit it with the whipper snippet and cut right down to ground level 

Then with his front end loader mulched it. 
Turning  this 

Into this 
Much better. And now I don’t have to worry a snake will come out while I’m walking past 

I really don’t like spraying poison but I’m thinking for this 
Garden bed I might just have too. 
Gone are the days I can spend hours weeding 

I wonder just how many more years we will be able to stay here. 
It’s a lot of work maintaining all this land. 
It never used to feel like it though 


  1. Can you reduce the number of garden beds and pay someone to mow? Years down the track of course!!
    It is looking good.

    1. We have reduced and there is one that will be gone in a few weeks.
      We have downsized as much as we can.

  2. Good idea to be thinking about how to simplify your workload and keep the property. Maybe this is the year to be thinking about it, well ahead of time. It's good to plan while you're still very able, no pressure.

  3. Yes, yard and garden work can get very demanding as we age.

    1. The weather has made it harder because you can’t go in and do the maintenance.