Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Solstice blessings

To all in the Southern Hemisphere blesses Litha 
Enjoy the long summer days for they will now start to shorten 

To all our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere 
Blessed Yule. 
May the sun return and shine brightly on you all 


  1. This is one solstice I’m not so keen on - unlike the Spring one where there is the promise of new this one signals a slowing down. I had a quick look the other day and between Christmas Eve and New Year we lose 3 min of daylight….and it goes downhill from there on.
    But you’re right, we’ve got the long hot days of Summer to look forward to.
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family Angela. The new year will be upon us soon - hope it’s a good one for you
    Take care
    Cathy xx

    1. I don’t mind it getting darker I just want a summer to whine about lol

  2. We won't really notice the loss of daylight til around late Feb from memory. The long long hot summer lies ahead.

  3. Happy Solstice. It had completely slipped my mind this year. I'm happy to know the days are getting longer even though winter has hardly begun. Wishing you many sunny and dry-er days. I shall be looking out on YouTube to see what is happening at Stonehenge. Would love to be there one year

  4. Thank you from one of your brothers in the Northern Hemisphere where the weather is now cold--and in many places stormy--over nearly the whole of the United States.