Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Everyone was asking the same questions. So here are the answers. 
It’s just acrylic 8ply yarn. 
It’s self striping so it will make it interesting I think 

This is the yarn. I’ll do some practice ones with the acrylic and then if I get good at it I’ll start to 
Use the wool and cotton I have 

The needle size. 
The shelves were pretty bare at spotlight. So I’ve order circular needles on Amazon 
These were $17 each. I ordered a bundle from Amazon, stainless steel ones, and that’s just 
$20. So why not 

I’m going to try and knit the two socks like this. 
Sparkling merlot, if I run into trouble I’m definitely calling on you for help 

And this is what I have so far. 
I do like the colour changes. 
I’m getting good and not dropping stitches and pulling the right side through. 
That’s how I dropped stitches on the other one I held one side and pulled the other by accident 
Only I can do that lol 

Cathy give it a go. Your much better at knitting than I am so I think you will be great 
Boud I’ve tried with the double ended needles and I always forgot to add the stitches to each one and often ended up 
With two needles and two spares lol 
Debra thanks for you good wishes. 
Hopeful I’ll have some socks to show you. Eventually 


  1. I haven't knitted two socks in one like that. I think Boud does.
    Dropping stitches is a forte of mine. I have a small crochet hook in my knitting bag to pick them up! When you get confident look at actual sock yarn. It has nylon through it for better wear.

    1. I think that’s where I got the idea from and ordered the book. Sock yarn sounds great. This is kinda addictive

  2. I did that two socks in one, remember? But I found she complicated things so I changed it and made it simpler. It's fun to do.

    1. Yes. I think you have the book and that’s where I saw it.
      Hopefully I won’t get too confused by it all. I’m kinda just using the basic ideas and doing my own thing

  3. That's funny about forgetting to use all the needles. Once in a while I get distracted and find I've done that. Usually once the triangle's established it's easier to stay with it. Good luck with these socks. The self patterning yarn keeps you wanting to knit, yes.

    1. It really does. I want to keep going and see it coming together

  4. I never learn to knit. Maybe once retirement comes I will.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I only learnt the basics. But I’ve been teaching myself to read patterns and make different things. You tube is great for that

  5. Like Boud says that self patterning sock yarn is great. It is quite compelling seeing the patterns develop. Good luck with socks.