Thursday, December 22, 2022

Feeling yuck

Not feeling the best today. I had an Ouchie massage Tuesday afternoon and she beat me up pretty good 
My hips especially were very out   
The weather changed again today and we have rain. So that isn’t helping 

So I’m sitting up in bed,  and have returned to my blanket. 
Just for a change of pace. 

I’m sure I’ll be ok again tomorrow 
But today I’m just going to rest. 

Hope your all doing ok 


  1. This rain is beyond ridiculous. Look after yourself.

  2. I hope you're feeling better by tomorrow!

  3. Let's hope the rest does the trick. A bit of sunshine wouldn't hurt, either. It's supposed to be summer!

  4. It’s starting to rumble over here at the moment- wondering if we’ll get some or will it sail on by taking the humidity with it? Hopefully the day of rest has you feeling more like yourself

  5. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow. Enjoy your blanket time

  6. I hope you're feeling a bit better? The rain affects my joints now as I am getting older....Merry Christmas.