Saturday, January 28, 2023

Feeling poorly

This has not been a good week for poor little Anastasia. 
After having to be picked up from daycare on Monday, she had a temp, she came to spend the rest of 
The day at grandmas house. Her mummy took her to the doctor on Tuesday and was given some ear drops for her sore ear. 
Wednesday she was back at grandmas. All she wanted was cuddles 
After being given a dose of baby nurophen, her temp would go down and the pain would subside 
And the happy chatty little girl would comeback 
Thursday being a public holiday she was home with her parents. But Friday is grandma day 
And she was back. I really couldn’t see that she was getting better and her mummy agreed 
So once again they were off to the doctors 
Hopefully they finally give her some antibiotics and she will be well enough for daycare on Monday 

Grandma is exhausted. It’s so hard when little ones are sick. It breaks your heart. 
We shall see what next week will bring. Fingers crossed it will be a long time before 
She’s this sick again. 


  1. Poor wee monkey. It is so hard when they are sick. I hope you take it easy this weekend just in case!

  2. Oh gosh, poor poppet, she really is a picture of misery. Hope she gets something from the doc to put her right so she can have fun times with granny again

    1. Got antibiotics now. So she should be on the mend

  3. Ear infections can be the bane of a young life. F knows all about it having carried an abcess about until she was about 11 or 12. There were regular flare ups and weeks of pain until one night it burst in her sleep. What a mess. Yet another rush to the Dr and a sort of blase shrug from him - 'she's had an abcess and it has burst'. All those years he had never told her Mum what it was. As an adult she has bad tinitis in that ear but she has never had another earache ever. Poor Anastasia has all our sympathy.

    1. That’s terrible. Doctors may be intelligent but I don’t they’re sensible at all.

  4. Nothing like a grandma hug
    Coffee is on and stay safe