Saturday, January 21, 2023

Moving right along

Friday we had Ana again. First proper granny day care for the year. She loved to carry bags so we put on her hat she went outside to check on all the stock. We also checked on Daddy and Grandpa to make sure they were working hard 

Grandpa came over to help check the chickens 

Grandma and Ana also went out in the afternoon to the local botanic gardens. But it was very busy and warm so we only did a quick walk around and back home. 
I’m now confident I can go out with Ana and not have an anxiety attack 

Hubby finally put all my art work up on the wall. These are all in my craft room. Once I run out of room here I guess I’ll start taking over the house lol 

The strawberries did ok in here. But I really think they need more room 
So this has now been transplanted 

Into these 
More room to spread out and hopefully more strawberries for us to enjoy 

The days are sunny and warm. The rain we had the other day was very welcomed indeed. 
It soaked into the ground and didn’t even puddle. 
But the soil needed it. It gets dry very quickly here 
Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the sunshine 


  1. How great that you can take Ana out by yourself, now. My strawberries are trying to take over the vege pod. They are strangling the beans!! May the best plant win.

    1. The beans are only good for one season so let the strawberries win I say. Hopefully mine will be much happier in the bigger pots

  2. It will be nice to go on outings with your little sweetie pie . Does she need a pushchair at all?
    Must be wonderful to all your art on display.

    1. She loves being in her stroller. That makes it much easier.
      And she loves going out

  3. Seeing strawberries is amazing from this dead of winter place. Can't wait for June.