Saturday, January 7, 2023


Abundance is lovely but you can seriously have too much of a good thing. 
So many zucchini’s. 
In here I’ve got zucchini, the button squash, beans and a few tomatoes that were a bit too soft to eat. 
I froze three portions for winter use 

Zucchini slice. A keto version 
I had a piece for lunch and froze portions for hubby to have while I’m away 

I even froze grated zucchini to add to pasta sauce or chow mein 

Zucchini brownies. Kept two pieces for after dinner tonight and froze the rest for future use 

I sliced zucchini and salted it so that excess water will come out. 
I’ll try them later and make a tomato and herb sauce. This will be made into a Parma for dinner tonight 

So it’s been a full on day in the kitchen and I’ve still more!
I messaged my daughter in law’s friend, who lives near me and she will be here later to take some off my hands. 

She may get other produce as well. 

I’m grateful to the universe and would never turn my back on its blessings. But in the area of zucchini I think I may just be over blessed. 

Anyone want some! 


  1. That is every gardener's dilemma -- how to use up all that zucchini?

  2. Never had zucchini brownies.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. There are lots of recipes on the net. They’re really yummy

  3. In zucchini season here, the joke is that you never leave your car unattended with a window open. Otherwise you'll come back and find it stuffed with zucchini!

    1. That’s hilarious and probably very true lol

  4. Zucchini galore! Thank goodness you have a freezer and you're a good cook. And summer has just begun 😁😁😁

    1. Well I cook and I try new things. And yes. I love my freezer.
      Especially when we process a steer. I need it to freeze all the meat.

  5. Try zucchini cheese bread - that uses up quite a bit grated. We know what you mean though. When we got an over -supply F used to put them in a box at the bottom of the drive. Round here (few gardens, lots of people in Council flats) they'd be gone in a flash. We even got a note from some kids one day (with drawn pictures) thanking us for their dinner!