Saturday, January 7, 2023

Zucchini #2

I made the zucchini parmigiana 
It smells yummy but it’s just out of the oven and too hot to eat 

I ended up freezing the whole tray of brownies and made a second batch. 

And just when I thought it was over I looked in the fridge 
And saw one more 

I think they’re breeding 

I’ve got a beef roast defrosting. So roast zucchini 
Sounds good to me. 

I’m glad to be out of the kitchen. Finally 


  1. What's this year in the Chinese calendar? The year of the Zucchini? 365 days of zucchini. Thank goodness they go well sweet, sour or salty

  2. You certainly got a zucchini boom going! I once made zucchini bread, but it doesn't use up enough z!

    1. Can you freeze it. I’ll have to look up a recipe
      I’m happy to make a double batch and freeze. For winter use

  3. Replies
    1. Or I just turned a blind eye lol either way it will be used today somehow

  4. I am harvesting today. I only have one plant and it is more than enough.

    1. It really is. Unfortunately as not much is growing this season I planted more to account for losses. I didn’t get any

  5. We're having pork chops for our meat tonight dinner.
    Coffee is on and stay safe