Tuesday, January 10, 2023

An easy day

Last night I didn’t get much sleep at all. 
Yesterday morning while swimming my lip
Started to swell. I quickly came home and took some antihistamine tablets. It seem to settle down but during the night it started to swell again

I did take more antihistamines but I just couldn’t sleep. I was on high alert. Thankfully I was able to monitor and prevent having to use my epipen. I didn’t want or need a trip into the hospital 

So I didn’t swim today. I finally fell asleep around four this morning. 
So I decided to have a sleep in and then do a deep clean of my craft room. 
Hubby helped by moving furniture and vacuuming while I dusted, removed spiderwebs and cleaned windows 

With two people working it was done in about an hour 
Much quicker than I normally take

Another job off the to do list 

It’s nice getting things ticked off 


  1. So you nearly had an anaphylactic reaction to something resulting in no sleep and you thought a quiet day cleaning the craft room was a good idea. I have seen your craft room! It isn't small. When will you learn to rest, woman?

  2. Hope you really do rest now. Satisfying to be able to do crafts in a clean room

  3. I am amused at your idea of a restful day after a sleepless night! I hope the allergic reaction is over now.

    1. So far so good.
      Looks like I headed it off nicely.

  4. Mr B has that lip swell thing from time to time. His medics have ruled out allergy and told him his is an auto-immune response. We have no idea what triggers it as it is so random. I'm glad to read you got yours under control quickly.

    1. Just the lip going is ok. But when the tongue and throat close up. It gets a tad scary. It might well be my autoimmune issues. I have been overdoing I guess

  5. Replies
    1. Yes we do. But I get bored easily and I need to get up and do something

  6. keeping busy I guess keeps you from worrying about everything else right?