Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Comedy capers

Well today has been an interesting day to say the least. 
First I drove my car to the pool and I no sooner and left the property, a warning came up saying I and a flat tyre 
And that I should drive slowly and brake carefully

I get the idea my car likes just being parked! 
Anyway I rang hubby and got him to meet me at the workshop after swimming to fix it. 

While in the pool some idiot decided instead of waiting for us to swim past so he could get out. He would dive under us and swim past 
The moron smacked strait in to my leg. Actually between them as I was in the middle of a stroke! 
Scare the bejussus out of me. Not only that. He jarred my hip and back and I instantly went into spasm mode and had to get to the side to hand on until it was over. 
He apologised but was laughing thinking no harm done. But the young and healthy just don’t understand  

Once the car was fixed I got home and went out to harvest for tonight’s dinner 
The were some salad greens that had gone to seed so I pulled them out for the chickens. 
As I was feeding the, big chickens, I glanced at the chicken tractor to see if the little chickens were ok 
I noticed that one looked like it was outside the tractor 

Went over to investigate and yes three of them were out. I had no idea how that happened and set about chasing them to get them back in caught one
Opened the back to put it in looked up in time to see two more get out. 
If you look at the pic you will see one section has wire mesh with small holes but the other section has bigger holes. 
That how they were getting out. 

Oh how much fun did I have trying to get them in. As fast as I got them in more were coming out!
It was like an episode of mr bean.  
Called hubby and we got them in and they stayed in as I stood where the escape route was. 
Hubby then got some wire mesh with smaller holes and we covered it.  
Fingerscrossed that’s the end of that! 

Had my cardiologist appointment and he told me my scans showed no blockages anywhere 
And no fatty deposits at all. 
He was flummoxed as in not thin and I have extremely high cholesterol levels. 
I’m not worried at all 
I figure if my body is making a hormone. Then it must need it. 
But he kept mumbling away. All the doom and gloom they go on about just isn’t a factor for me. 

That’s just me all over 
I don’t fit into any boxes and I can’t be labeled 
I’m an enigma 


  1. What a day you have had! The idiot at the pool needs some lessons in good manners. He probably thought he had just scared you. Maybe you should have clutched your ches and screamed.
    Those holes don't look big enough for chooks to get through. Cunning buggers.
    Apparently a calcium score is a better predictor than cholesterol. I think cholesterol was found in the arteries of those with cardiac disease therefore it must have caused it. And don't forget the massive pharmaceuticals who make a motza out of statins!

    1. Oh yes. Don’t even get me started on those.
      Doctors seem to forget it’s not one thing. It’s always so complex. Just like humans. We are not a car and we are more then the sum of our parts

    2. That is a very good point. Good doctors know it too but there seem to be a lot of mechanics training to be doctors these days. I have encountered my share.

  2. My tire company is I have any issues, they drive to me and fix it.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I’m just lucky hubby is a mechanic and our workshop is here at home. We are not open yet, still on holidays. So that’s why he had to meet me there. He was at home

  3. Loved the chicken story. Train the dog to round them up.

    1. They can’t get out now. We fixed the problem

  4. Glad you finally rounded up all those chooks!
    My cardio doc was always surprised by my results too when I was severely overweight. I never had high blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol and he couldn't understand it. Cholesterol is just a part of it all as you say. And research is showing its not a major part of the heart picture. Times change, ideas change.
    You feel fine, then you probably are fine!

    1. I think doctors really need to get off the, your overweight so you just be sick bandwagon.
      It just doesn’t ring true