Friday, January 6, 2023

Done and dusted

Christmas is done and packed away for another year 
Wonder son and Ana arrived and helped take the tree down and while I sat on the box he taped it shut 

Ana helped put up the tree so it was fitting she was here to help pack it away 

We then went outside and Ana took her dad to the strawberry patch. There are no more. So she started looking at the veggie garden for food to eat. She’s not silly my little girl 

We found some big squash 

And lots more zucchini. I’ll be freezing these for use during winter. 
I will cut some to make zucchini parmigiana 
For dinner tomorrow 

The little tomatoes are ripening. 
Ana ate more than she put in the container. 
The special beauty of not spraying is you can eat straight from the garden. Just a wipe on your shirt and your good to go 

After Boxing Day and my birthday this room was looking like a bomb had gone off. So I set about putting things back in there containers and gave it a good vacuuming 

I always leave a few things in the cot to keep Bella out of there. 

I need to vacuum the living areas but I’ll do that later. Or maybe even tomorrow. 
It’s not urgent and I’m almost at the end of my energy quota for today 

I did swim this morning and spoke to the lifeguard who saw the “ incident “. She did ask how I was and I told her about my pain levels. So she said she would speak to the person concerned and ask him to be more careful 

I don’t think I’ve seen him before so he may not be back. 
We get lots of blow ins this time of year. 


  1. What beautiful yellow squash! And my gawd, those are monster-sized zucchini!

    1. This is what happens when you forget to harvest for a couple of days lol

  2. Thank you for following up with the lifeguard. And how organized you are! I keep forgetting what season you're in, and being surprised at that beautiful produce.

    1. I agree about not spraying. My neighbors and I all garden without sprays and it's lovely to pick and eat, just dusting off the veg a bit.

    2. When my children were little. They would go out to bring in veggies for dinner. Things like strawberries and sugar snap peas never made it into the house!

  3. Those patty pans looks yummy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Is that what you call the button squash? That’s a cute name

  4. How nice to have a little helper. My granddaughter took all our decos down yesterday too and packed it all away. It's so nice to have my space back
    Till next year!

    1. The place does look a tad bare now. But we’ll get used to it again soon.
      Makes cleaning so much easier

  5. So pleased you spoke with the lifeguard. Your situation was bad enough but he could have done even more damage. Hopefully she will get a chance to explain things to him.
    I must remember to freeze my mammoth zucchinis. Just chuck 'em in the freezer?

    1. I cut them up or grate them and freeze
      Perfect for spaghetti sauce, soups and casserole.
      Especially anything you make in a slow cooker