Monday, January 23, 2023


Woke up this morning to this. 
A tad misty. 

We had a big day outside yesterday. Hubby weeded and mulch the final garden beds and they look fabulous 

We had people coming over for a late lunch/ early dinner. So I did a quick shop, prepped food, refreshed garden pots, pulled some weeds and watered 
I kinda floated and did bits all over to not overdo. 

It didn’t work. I needed more compost mix to refresh and top up pots. So I stupidly filled the wheelbarrow and brought the soil to where I needed it. 
Luckily I had done all meal prep as the end of the day saw me having to use my walking stick 

I also think I got too much sunshine as my head hurt going to bed and woke up this morning feel sick. 
I did drink lots. No not alcohol. So hopefully it passes quickly. 

So today I’ll just go slow. Rest often and do only the bare minimum 
On the bright side. I think the bulk of the heavy work is done 


  1. The garden is looking immaculate but the personal cost seems too high. Work smarter not harder.

    1. Not immaculate. By the time you finish one section the weeds are back in another. But they’re much better than they were after all the rains

  2. Replies
    1. I don’t think I’ll ever. I’m not one to just wait for someone to help me.

  3. Looking good after all the rain and flooding in parts you had. And yes slow down you move too….. much!

    The mornings have a little autumnal feel about them don’t you think?

    1. It amazing how dry the paddocks are now. But that’s the blessing and curse of sandy soil. Yes definitely. The wheel of the year has turned

  4. Your garden is looking great. Not so much those skies though
    Hope you're better by now

    1. The sky’s cleared up and it was a lovely warm although a tad muggy day
      A mornings rest and I was ok.