Sunday, January 8, 2023


I wanted the dwarf trees, three mulberries and a pomegranate   
Transplanted into the ground as they had outgrown their pots 

I started them in pots so the dogs wouldn’t break them while playing chase  in the garden. As they love to do 

I had asked hubby weeks ago. But the urge hit him on one of the hottest days.  I dare not put him off or I might be waiting weeks 

He started  digging with the post hole digger. 
There used to be a very old gum tree here. It had to be cut as it threatened to fall on the house. Unfortunately the roots are still abundant.
So plan B 

Bring out the big guns 
Much easier on the body. 

Four trees are now in the ground. Well watered in and looking happy. 

We even managed to save the nasturtiums 

They still need mulching. 
And the rest of that garden needs weeding as well. 

But we will get round to those jobs eventually 
No need to rush these things 


  1. That really is the big guns. I hope the trees flourish. I'd like a turn on that digger, definitely.

    1. I don’t touch it. Because if I do and something goes wrong. It will be my fault.
      So I just let him do all the work

  2. If I had a tool like that I think I'd get more done in the garden!

    1. It does make the digging much easier that’s for sure

  3. Thank goodness you saved the nasturtions. My favourite. My winter garden is slowly filling up with them.
    Hope the trees thrive. I'd love a pomegranate. Maybe one day soon

    1. I love them as well. So pretty and happy.
      Hopefully I’ll now get some fruit. I might have to give the pomegranate a bit of a hair cut. I’m not sure. Research is needed

  4. Your orchard is going to be magnificent.

    1. Hopefully I’ll get some decent crops. Then I can freeze as well as eat fresh