Sunday, January 15, 2023

Going potty

Today was a much cooler day so I decided I needed to give my pots a refresh 
All hanging pots were taken down. Spiderwebs cleaned and fresh compost added. A good water and they are good for another year. 

The pots in the ground were clipped back. More compost was added and they too are great for a while.  although I think im going to need to clean the cream pots they look dirty in these pics 

Living next door to a nursery is dangerous.the nice young man unloaded a new batch of pots and one was damaged. He can’t sell it. So told hubby to give it to me. 
How lovely only now I needed a plant to put into it. 

This is what we came home with. Hubby had to come back and get the car lol 

The middle pot was the freebie 
The big blue and cream pots in the back of the car were a set of four. He only had one set of each left. So he gave them to me for below cost. They had broken sauces in the packs. So again couldn’t really be sold. 

Of course that meant more plants   Hubby was worse than I was. He sent me back for more plants. He wanted all pots planted out 

The smallest of the pots were added here. Not all of them have plants as yet. I’ll go through my seed stock and see what’s in there 

Couldn’t decide if I wanted to mix colours   So for now we have a blue side and a cream side. I’ll think about it 

And finally a plant given to me from my friend,  before she moved to Queensland,  Needed a new pot. The one it was in started to fall apart. 

I originally went next door to get a new hanging pot. 
Didn’t get a shot of the old hanging basket. But from the one plant I now have four. 

The new hanging pot won’t fall apart and won’t dry out as quick. 
Meanwhile some old pots were washed and now have new plants 

I love buying plants, but I really love making new ones of my own 

So the front looks lovely and lush again. 
And the best part. We didn’t have to travel far, while supporting a very local business. 

Gotta love that 


  1. I think I might have to pay the nursery a visit. His plants look nice and healthy.
    Is that bottom one a spider plant? We have heaps in the back yard. I ignore them and they grow.

    1. I’m not sure what it’s called. It grows long branches and ends up having a baby on the end of them.
      Oh he’s got all sorts of goodies

  2. I really like the red with white dot pot.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Lovely pots and loads of plants lol. I got given a big clay pot yesterday. Very heavy. I'll wait till spring to find something to plant in it. Probably basil

  4. I love basil. Smells awesome. You will have to post pictures during spring as my gardeywii be on the winter decline by then

  5. Yes, that looks like a spider plant. I have them and they're so prolific I'm always trying to give the baby spiders away. I like propagating my own plants more than buying them. You've got me rummaging through my saved seeds for when spring arrives here.

    1. I love to get free plants from what I already have. And then I give them away.
      What goes around comes around and then I get freebies from others.

  6. you are making me very envious, freezing rain around here and cold!!