Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Play date

My beautiful middle granddaughter Brianna. I’ve not had much one on one time with her because once she came along her mum became a stay at home mum 
And anytime she needed a baby sitter I’d have both the girls 

She’s off to school next year, pretty sure she was born last week!
So the opportunities to spend some quality time together will be limited. 

Today her mummy brought her over to spend some time with grandma 

We made muffins. I measured she added and stirred 

Them we played zoo

Trixie got lots of cuddles 

And then Brianna opened a cafe and was serving all her customers 

We went outside and checked on the vegetables we had planted all those weeks ago. Brianna was very surprised at how much they had grown 

It was lovely just chatting and interacting with her. 
She is her mother’s mini me. So it kinda felt like I had my little girl back again. 
Precious time I’ll Cherish 

Yesterday my glasses broke. Wonder son had to take me to the optometrist and they ordered a new frame. I only got them in January so it was. Warranty job. I didn’t have to pay a cent. 

The nice technician taped them up so I could at least see and today I got the call to come in 

I got my new frames and I no long look like Harry Potter 

All in all. A wonderful day 


  1. You are so blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with your grandkids. Enjoy.

  2. Three sweethearts !!! Won't be long before she's making the muffins all by herself!

  3. What a lovely little girl! And like her mom, that must be very special to you.

  4. So wonderful to have those memories.

  5. What a great time one to one baking. I love this time with Mr Bs grandson but we so rarely see him. They live a short drive away but his time has to be split between 2 parents and a lot of 'activities'. When at ours he gets to do undcheduled stuff, get dirty, play...be a kid.