Friday, April 12, 2024

Flying by

Another Friday. Seems like Time is speeding up 

Ana and trixie watching bluey while I organise breakfast 

Abs knows where the nail polish is kept and ask if she can have purple nails. I said sure so off she went to get the bag of children’s polish 

During the week her daycare posted a picture of her doing puzzles so I dug out the ones I had 
She was very good. I only had minimal input 

All puzzles in the box done. She looks very pleased with herself 

At eleven thirty she asked for a nap. So I headed into my craft room 

The other day I made this patchwork backing out of pure wool blanket off cuts 

So today I made up a patchwork or wadding out of my scraps 
Y’all know I don’t like to waste 

As you can see it’s passed quality control 

Still have lot’s of off cuts. 
They will all get used 

So now all I have to do. Is get hubby to help me move the table into the center of the craft room so I can sandwich and pin all three pieces together 

Then I will quilt it. 
Trim it 
And make the binding to bind it. 


And on knitting news. All one hundred squares have been finished 

Another project on the home straight 


  1. Several works in progress all at the same time - are you still painting as well? (and where do you get woolen blanket offcuts from?)

  2. Ana as usual as cute as a button. And so clever.
    And ditto above. Where do you find woollen blanket cut offs?

    1. From a wool mill. I came across it during covid and bought a few bags. Each one is supposed to be enough for one decent size blanket

  3. Can you send me the link to the wool mill? Amy would be interested.
    I love the chubby fingers and toes. Such a wonderful age.