Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Getting stuff done

Yesterday I planted some of the bulbs in these two pots. They already have some growing and others just pushing through. My aim is to try and have something flowering all throughout the year 

The rest of the bulbs went into the garden in front of the window I can see while sitting inside. 

After the sun started to go down. But before dark. I planted out the vegetables 

There’s rainbow chard, I call it silver beet. Kale broccolini and mini cabbages. 

And in here we have sugar beets   I think they’ll make a nice change to toasted potatoes 

This morning I pined the quilt so it’s now ready for sewing. 

Won’t be today. It’s hard work with a very bad back so I’ll give it a few days before I start. Unless I feel ok 

And now it’s back to this. I had put aside my hexi cardigan as I was waiting on yarn from Denmark. 

That’s when I started the blanket. It kind of took over for a while. 

So apart of going to the doctors today. To get my scripts. I’ll be working in this. 

Oh and I need to work out what we will be doing for dinner. 
Any suggestions? 


  1. Yarn from Denmark, eh?!
    Dinner should be something quick and easy. Anything in the freezer?

    1. Yes. You know the one. I think it’s so soft and comes in lots of colours.
      I’m running out of freezer meals. I’m thinking pasta and sauce from the supermarket. They’re pretty good

  2. What did you end up doing, for dinner? I love all the pots. That's so cool. The yarn is stunning. love the combo. Happy Crafting, Ivy.

    1. I bought some fresh pasta and sauce from the supermarket and cooked that up. Nice and easy

  3. Your posts keep not showing up on my feed. I'm going to be checking from now on. That sounds like a nice meal, simple, good, my main criteria.