Thursday, August 26, 2021


I went through my Harry Potter fat quarters to see what I actually had in the packets 
I only opened the one with the school houses in it. 

I found some unicorn fabric and thought I’d make the girls a placemat each 

Just a simple one.  No pattern just the unicorns on one side and some plain fabric for the backing
With a cotton batting inbetween 

Since I didn’t have any stitching to use as a guide to quilt it. I had to draw some lines on the back 
I used a new pen I had purchased just before the lockdown 
It’s one that erases just by being exposed to the air 

I started to draw the lines and it was a dark colour that could be seen very easily 
I did have a moment of panic. Thinking if this didn’t work it was going to look bad

But today I turned it over and it was totally gone! 
I was pleasantly surprised 
It’s not often a product delivers exactly what it promises 

So now it looks like I’m a master of straight line sewing and also at making squares all the same size 

Here they are ready have the binding hand sewn 

And here is one finished 
Like I said. It’s not particularly creative but the girls love unicorns and they are very cute 

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday after my whine 
I’m better today 
Lockdowns and really bad weather plus chronic pain 
Does not make for a a happy combination 

Hopefully your all enjoying your freedoms
Not matter how many you have right now 
Stay safe and well 
See ya 


  1. Fantastic. You can also get those pens that erase by being dampened with water - for when you want the marks to last a bit longer. Hang in there it will be summer soon and warmth will help everything.

    1. A few years ago I had one that disappeared when you ironed it.
      I’m going to try and find that again
      Yes sunshine and warm days outside will help. Thank you

  2. Keep on crafting. You've got a talent .